Coping Skills · Mental Health


Hey Friends,

With much internal kicking and screaming, I decided to bring the blog back. My mission is to help people and introduce new ideas when it comes to mental health. Well, some old ideas too 🙂 If any of you have any ideas, please feel free to get a hold of me.

Without further ado!

My challenge to you is to start a list of thing you are thankful for EVERYDAY. It can be one thing or 100 things. It’s all up to you. It can be something as small as a nap or as big as a trip to Japan. Just do it.

Good luck 🙂

Coping Skills · Me · Mental Health

Well, Hello again.

So it’s been a bit since I wrote an entry. I thought I didn’t need to write, but it turns out I do. It’s helpful.

The past few weeks has been challenging. I’ve been tired, anxious, and frustrated for being so tired all the time.

To regulate my sleep cycle I haven’t been taking naps as much, but feel myself getting cranky or depressed around dinner time. It’s just a bunch of mood swings that have been leaving me drained at the end of the day. I can hardly speak without sounding like a 5-year-old mumbling and being confused. It’s like I expire at a certain time.

I have been struggling to get a hold of help, but have been as diligent as I can.

It could just be me overthinking things, mind stuff, meds messing with, or something else.

My friends, family, co-workers, and boyfriend have been pretty patient and amazing. They also challenge me in ways that I never been challenged. Looking at things in a different perspective than my own has been helping a lot.

Maybe I just need a bowl of ramen in my life. Ramen fixes everything, right?